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A finger prosthesis serves as a functional and cosmetic replacement for the missing finger or thumb. It is made of flexible silicone that is specifically adapted to the individual stump.

Direct trauma to the hand or fingers is by far the highest cause of finger amputations.

Silicone artificial fingers and hands may be needed due to:

  • Birth differences such as Amniotic band syndrome or underdeveloped fingers
  • Surgery, finger or hand amputation due to tumour or cancer removal*
  • Work-related injuries, burns and other traumatic injury*
  • It’s rarely a result of disease and often work-related injuries but can also be a result of recreational activities as well

Because the limb disparity is constantly in the viewer’s area of vision, the desire for a look that is as lifelike and discreet as likely is significant.

The hand is one of the most complex organs in the human body. It includes many functions in body language, gestures, and expression. Likewise, it is a keen and positively differentiated usable unit for our day-to-day activities.

Therefore, the demand for finger prostheses is high. Such a device must not only realistically depict the finger, but also withstand the tremendous pressures and wear needs of everyday life.


Our silicone experts reproduce exact the finest elements, such as pigment spots, slight hairs or distinctive skin characteristics. With a layered integration of different shades, we can get extremely close to the original skin colour.  Not only does the result look deceptively real, it can even be painted with nail polish.

If you are considering a silicone finger/hand prosthesis, we are available for consultation and evaluation. 

 We customize each finger prosthesis and hand prosthesis in our laboratory guaranteeing high quality and individual design.

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